Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comparing Yourself with Others

I'm wrote this blog entry just right after hearing a podcastfrom Steven Furtick, a pastor from Elevation Church, about competition and calling. And, I just want to share this to others.. That's why immediately wrote this (so pardon me if I have wrong grammar, little typographical errors or something.. anyway..)
“The death of contentment is comparison.”
Most probably, one of our struggles in life is when we compare ourselves with others. Or maybe many of us have even tried to outperform the person we’re comparing ourselves to. There’s a spirit of competition and this results to bitterness or even insecurity.

Well, here are the few things I’ve learned (and was reminded of) while listening to the podcast:
    1)      Everyone has a different calling.
-         God made each one of us differently and in a unique way. We don’t have to compare ourselves to others because we all have different callings (different future, different roles). If we do something else, it’ll make us more frustrated than ever.
- Calling: it's not about what He wants me to do, but about what He wants me to be.

2)      Freedom of Christ means that I don’t need to prove myself to others.
-         God is our only audience; we should stop trying to prove ourselves to others because it doesn’t matter anyway if people like us or not. In the end, what God thinks of us is all that matters. ^^
-         Plus, getting the approval of others won’t gain us anything in the end.
-         God does not judge our lives based on what we do, instead He calls us to be faithful with what we’ve been given.
“True freedom in Christ comes the moment that you realize that you have nothing to prove to anyone because in Christ, God fully approves of you.”

3)      I am LOVED and APPROVED by God!
“You’ll never fill your emptiness from a place of emptiness. And, you’ll never find what you’re looking for until He becomes the fullness that defines your calling.”
-         Be full in the presence of God. It is only God who can satisfy us and not other things or relationships.
-         Trying to get approval from other people or trying to reach their standard will only make us frustrated.

God’s love is the best love we can ever experience because we don’t need to earn it. That’s how amazing He is. ^^


If you want to hear the whole podcast, you may download it from here.
The title of the podcast is: "The New Rules of Resolution: it's not a competition, but a calling."

Loving this song recently. HEHE.

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