Friday, December 30, 2011

Violin + Piano = Ultimate duet

It can get really boring when you're all alone playing the violin--- an instrument that you can't use to play the rhythm of a song or even sing while playing! It's an instrument that needs a partner, either another violinist or some other instrument.

I met this awesome person back in High School who plays the piano well and speaks Japanese just like I do (but we're both not fluent with it). Her name is Czarina Dycaico, or you can call her Czari, for short. We've been friends since..... hmmm, I can't remember... HAHA.

We call each other "music buddy" because every time I invite her into our house, we always jam! Anyway, I justed wanted to post here one of our covers and our recent one, "I See the Light" by Mandy Moore (Tangled OST).

Thank you, Czari Dycaico for being not just an awesome music buddy, but a great friend!
I just wish that someday, we'll have a studio to record high quality songs. :>

1. I See the Light (Tangled OST) by Mandy Moore

2. Ignorance - Paramore

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